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Access to clean water at St. John of God Hospital, Lunsar

In the country and in cities alike, the water supply in Sierra Leone is often problematic in terms of quality and quantity. With the construction of a borehole and the financing of a solar-powered feed pump, the hospital now has access to sufficient water all year round.

The new water supply for the nursing school

The second part of the project at the Lunsar hospital includes the construction of a further well for the nursing school and the corresponding extension of the pipeline system. The school is currently attended by about 150 students, who also live on the school grounds. The teaching staff comprises almost 20 lecturers. The cost plan for the measure has already been approved by the board, so that the first works can start at the end of May 2020.

Zugang zu sauberem Wasser im St. John of God Krankenhaus, Lunsar

Clean water for medical care

The association has become aware of the Lunsar Hospital through the network of the Bavarian Medical Group. It is not only recognized nationally, but also has a large catchment area. We were personally on site and impressed by the acting doctors, the management and employees.

Zugang zu sauberem Wasser im St. John of God Krankenhaus, Lunsar

Zugang zu sauberem Wasser im St. John of God Krankenhaus, Lunsar

A 65m deep borehole

Due to the high level of trust and the far-reaching impact, the association decided to engage financially in the hospitals water supply. At the request of the head of the hospital, the association undertook the construction of a 65 meter deep borehole. The powerful pump for the well was installed in May 2019. The new feed pump is operated in an ecologically sustainable way by solar energy – the expensive and less environmentally friendly diesel generator can “rest”. The hospital now has access to constantly available, clean, fresh water.

Liters per day

Over 30,000 liters are pumped up each day. An old well was taken out of service. Thanks to the new valves in the hospital, sponsored by the association, water consumption is also reduced by around 4 to 6% per year.

<p><strong>Water supply of the sister school</strong></p>.

Meanwhile, the rehabilitation and expansion of the water supply of the nurses' school as a follow-up project has also been completed. The ceremonial handover is planned for the first half of April. 150 trainees will benefit from the adequate availability of fresh water. A new project to upgrade the wastewater treatment and processing is currently evaluated. Financing and technical support will be provided by three Bavarian Rotary Clubs and the Bavarian State Government.

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