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Information about the association

The association Für Sierra Leone e.V. was founded in 2013 by committed and African-interested citizens from Bavaria and Sierra Leone. All projects focus on transparency, traceability and sustainability.

Our most important criteria when choosing a project:

  • The project fits the defined focus of our association.
  • The financial framework for the start-up financing of the project is no more than max. € 15.000 p.a.
  • The project has received little or no governmental funding so far.
  • The start-up funding serves for sustainable self-help. There is no long-term funding for projects.
  • The project is exemplary and has the desired multiplier effect. As a rule, no individual funding is planned (exception: selected scholarships).
  • A prerequisite is a contact person or a godfather on site to accompany the project.

We support:

  • Education and training
  • Infrastructure in the field of water supply and health care
  • Young entrepreneurship
  • International understanding between Sierra Leone and Bavaria
  • Emergency aid

On site in Sierra Leone

To maximize our impact in Sierra Leone, we work with dedicated experts on the ground. Our highly qualified and skilled team is passionate about realizing our vision: to sustainably improve the situation of people in Sierra Leone.

Find out more about our team

Promotion of international understanding from Munich


In 2013, committed Munich residents in Grünwald teamed up to organise independent help for the people of Sierra Leone based on their ties to Africa. For us board members, project funding is not just a matter of spending money, but a matter close to the heart. We are well networked in Bavaria and locally in Sierra Leone and continue to expand networks and partnerships with universities. Three to four times a year we check on the progress of our projects in Sierra Leone. It goes without saying that we work for the association on a voluntary basis and without any financial burden. This is how we ensure that every penny actually reaches the people of Sierra Leone.


The founding meeting of the association Für Sierra Leone e. V. took place on October 22nd, 2013 in Grünwald.

The current board consists of:
Dr. Dietmar Scheiter (1. Chairman)
Joachim Geitner (2. Chairman) 
Dr. Petra Wibbe (Treasurer)

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The association Für Sierra Leone e.V. is based in Grünwald near Munich and pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes. 

To the statue in full length (in German)

Annual Report

Transparent communication is important to achieve charitable goals. Our annual reports and the reports of the cash audit (both in German) can be found here.

To the annual and audit reports (in German)

General Meeting

Our general meeting takes place once a year. You can read the current reports of the board and the treasuerer (in German) here.

Report of the board (2020, 2021)

Report of the treasuerer (2020, 2021)