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Corona Emergency Aid (2020)

Even before the first Covid-19 case in Sierra Leone was reported, the association launched a first aid package. The main focus was on the distribution of hygiene items as well as educating the people about suitable hygiene measures.

Our activity plan

The first case of Covid-19 in Sierra Leone was reported on the 31.03.2020, in the meantime 1,176 cases of the disease and 51 deaths have been recorded (as of 15.06.2020). The funds for disease control are limited, but the situation is particularly problematic during the lockdown: People have to leave their homes to buy water and food, but are told to turn back by the police.

Already at the beginning of the lockdown, our country director, Joseph Cole, was able to distribute important hygiene items to schools and about 150 households in the District Western Rural. We also provided CARITAS with supplies to ensure the distribution of basic hygienic goods to those in need. Furthermore, our team supported two police stations, the Don Bosco Children's Relief Agency, Lunsar Hospital, Makeni University and two courts with hygiene items.

In a second step, relief supplies were distributed to mosques, churches and other schools in Lunsar and Makeni. Joseph Cole simultaneously gave short lectures to students to raise awareness on issues such as hygiene, actual symptoms and fake news about the pandemic. With the approval of the Board of Directors, he decided to spend 30% of the financial means available for the emergency relief action on water and food. In the meantime a second aid package has been launched and distributed. We would like to thank Joseph Cole for his great commitment and the members and sponsors of the association, whose donations make this support possible.

Reports from the work of our Country Director

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