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FSL Secondary School Campbell Town

Our new secondary school in Campbell Town.

German lessons at FSL Secondary School

German lessons are an integral part of the curriculum at FSL Secondary School in Campell Town, Waterloo. Every Friday, Emily Hartung comes from the Freetown office to teach three grades. More than 60 students take part in the compulsory German lessons. Starting this September, there will be a dedicated German teacher at the school.

FSL Secondary School in Waterloo is the only school in the Western Peninsular where German is taught. The students are curious about the language and also learn about the country through a varied mix of media and teaching materials. They want to know how children live in our country, what their favorite foods are, what the mountains look like, what snow feels like ... Therefore, factual topics are a regular part of the lessons. This year, for example, the animals in Germany have already been introduced.

Mary P. Koroma was so enthusiastic about the lessons that she persuaded her parents to buy her a German textbook, which is difficult, almost impossible, in Sierra Leone. The book, which costs €44.95, is a big personal investment for her family. Other children have bought English-German dictionaries, which they proudly bring to class. They are delighted with their language skills and hope to one day speak fluent German. Classes are currently at the A.1.1 level.

"For our association, international understanding between Sierra Leone and Germany is an important element of our work. The offer to the students and teachers to learn the German language and to get a first impression of German history and culture is well received and represents an additional qualification for the job market." Dr. Dietmar Scheiter

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