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Emergency Aid after the fire in Kroo Bay (2019)

Fast, uncomplicated, and immediate help.

A fire that broke out on March 4, 2019 devastated the community in Kroo Bay on the Freetown coast. In this area, around 81,000 m2 are occupied by unofficial settlements that are growing daily. The estimated population (2019) is 13,000 people and 2,622 households, more than 95% living below the poverty line. The fire was triggered by a burning spiral of anti-mosquitoes that fell on a table. Since the slum has no transport links and the water level was very low, the fire could not be extinguished. According to the Office of National Security, 1,283 people (385 households) are directly affected, 70% of them women and children.

Emergency Aid


After the catastrophe, the construction of temporary shelters had the highest priority for those affected to protect their families. The government had provided only a few blankets and food. On request of the mayor, Fuer Sierra Leone e.V. supported affected on a joint project with Welthungerhilfe with € 10,000 to provide mattresses, blankets, corrugated cardboard and other materials so that the families could get immediate protection. After inspecting the affected community by humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF, Oxfam, Welthungerhilfe, CRS, ICRC, and Save the Children, the Office of National Security coordinated all further aid measures.

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