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Girls Empowerment: Education makes girls strong

This scholarship program supports five socially disadvantaged girls for twelve months each through regular meetings, excursions, Skype conferences, further training in IT and the financing of food, transport costs, books, fees and school supplies.

Program currently suspended

The program is currently suspended due to the corona epidemic. With the first aid measure, hygiene articles and food were also distributed to the families of the scholarship holders. The girls also received additional learning and reading material.

New scholarship holders, more empowerment:

From autumn 2020, the second year of the program will begin with up to 15 girls in order to strengthen even more young girls in Sierra Leone. Up to 10 new applicants will be selected to be included in our scholarship program. Application forms have already been distributed to four schools, and the five current scholarship holders can also apply again. At the same time, the concept for next year's program is currently being developed together with social workers and teachers.

Girls Empowerment

The "Girls Empowerment" project which started in September 2019, was initiated by our association member Kornelia Holzhausen. The scholarship program aims to support socially disadvantaged, talented, and particularly committed girls in Sierra Leone. The five fellows selected after several interviews are supported for one year and can re-apply a second time. With the beginning of the new school year, a program to strengthen the talents and interests of girls was developed. This includes Skype conferences with young successful women from abroad, excursions to political institutions and the training of girls in the increasingly relevant area of information and communication technologies. The association also finances school uniforms, special fees, lunches, transport costs, books and school materials for the scholarship holders.

Girls Empowerment

To encourage and strengthen girls

A framework program is currently being coordinated on site, which is to take place every two weeks, promoting the talents of the girls, and provide insights into other worlds over a free lunch. Joseph Cole, our project manager in Sierra Leone, and Kornelia Holzhausen plan all the details to successfully implement the program to strengthen the scholarship holders. The girls are looked after directly by the social worker Miss Adama Jibao. In a kickoff meeting, the program was presented to the scholarship holders and their parents, and the first school materials and uniforms were distributed.

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