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UMC Primary School Campbell Town, Waterloo

Long-term support for particularly needy children through food, clean water, clothing, regular health care, and school supplies.

School activities currently suspended

Since the end of March, school has been suspended at all educational institutions and thus also at the UMC Primary School due to the corona epidemic. In the course of the relief measures against corona epidemic, the sewing machines donated last year were used to sew masks. Thus, more than 2000 masks have already been distributed to community members and school children. The first half of the school year was successfully completed with an average of 520 pupils. Unfortunately, the IT training of the teaching staff initiated by the association is not yet developing to the desired extent. A further qualification initiative for teachers is to take place from autumn 2020. The succession planning of the school management must also be prepared.

UMC Primary School Campbell Town, Waterloo

Enabling access to education

The first campaign for the school started in December 2014. It came about through direct contact with the school's director, Saffiatu Turay, due to the Ebola epidemic that broke out in 2014. In May 2015, the association's board decided to continue helping the orphans of UMC Primary School Campbell Town in Freetown. Food, clothing, and school supplies are provided every month. Regular medical examinations of children in need are also guaranteed.

Christmas Special

UMC Primary School Campbell Town, Waterloo

UMC Primary School Campbell Town, Waterloo

Fund initiative to finance attending secondary school

Since then, we have been supporting the school every month in order to continue to enable children in need to attend school: We guarantee the distribution of food, clothing, and school supplies as well as regular medical examinations of the most needy children. The school received an award in summer 2017 and was upgraded to Category A by the national school board. In 2018, around 500 students attended school and benefited from the institution. Further education must be considered, too: the association has set up a fund that enables Ebola orphans to attend a secondary school. In 2019, the first UMC Primary School graduates were supported.

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