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Water supply of the Don Bosco Mudslide Village

After the landslide disaster, the association organized rapid relief for the victims of the landslide in order to immediately alleviate the greatest need on site. In a newly built settlement, access to clean water was guaranteed by financing a follow-up project.

Rapid relief for homeless and traumatised children

After the landslide near Freetown in August 2017, the association supported the Catholic community Don Bosco in accommodating 300 affected children. They were supplied with the most important goods and supported in processing the trauma.

Wasserversorgung des „Don Bosco Mudslide Village“

Wasserversorgung des „Don Bosco Mudslide Village“

The association furthermore co-financed the follow-up project to support the victims of the mudslide long-term: The established Don Bosco Mudslide Village provides shelter for 55 of those concerned of the mud slide. FSL financed the water supply of the new settlement, namely a new borehole, several overflow chambers, water pipes and septic tanks were provided.

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